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Productivity and operational efficiency


Operational efficiency

LBC has an integrated view of process optimization and organizations' continuous improvement, by promoting operational efficiency with Business Process Management (BPM) solutions.


Strategic sourcing and supply management

LBC supports the modernization of the logistics function with strategic sourcing and supply management approaches and the introduction of concepts of excellence and innovative quality.


Performance management

We bring together the results generated by the activity with monitoring systems that are capable of ensuring performance management of effective decision support.


The railway sector defined a structured and innovative modelOperations & Performance

The railway sector defined a structured and innovative model to increase its competitiveness...  

Simplification in a subsidiary adopted by a multinational at a global levelOperations & Performance

A subsidiary of a french cosmetics multinational wanted to make internal adaptations that would simplify and improve...

Producing a project of stocks and purchases for a transport and logistics groupOperations & Performance

A company of the portuguese transport and logistics group Luís Simões specialized in equipment and services for heavy goods vehicles...

Manual of procedures for an african airport managerOperations & Performance

ENANA wanted to optimize its efficiency, simultaneously improving the customers service...

Give wings to the monitoring of an airport managerOperations & Performance

A managing entity of airports on Portuguese soil, which has been betting on the innovation of processes and procedures, wanted to innovate its...

Excel 4 All: Consolidation of an insular real estate development entityOperations & Performance

IFH: Valorization of housing and properties of the State of Cape Verde in the social interest...

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